Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Hello, lovely readers! How have all of y'all been?! Sorry I've been MIA lately, life has just been so crazy! I thought I'd tell y'all what I've been up to lately! 

Sorry for the blurry pic--it's from my Blackberry!

I got these gorgeous earrings from Faith, the owner of LuxeCraving the other week, and just LOVE them! They're a gorgeous greenish color and are perfect for summer! 

They even arrived in the cutest box!

Here's a close-up of the earrings. Sorry it's a little blurry, it was taken on my Blackberry!

You couldn't see my earrings in the picture of my whole outfit, but this is what I paired them with: a white tank with a greenish/turquoise cardigan, navy shorts, and Jacks.
Look at the other fab items Faith has in her shop: 

 Don't you love these coral earrings? So pretty for summer, and a steal for only $14! These are the same as mine, just a different color!

And she has the famous J.Crew look-a-like Bubble necklaces in tons of different colors!
Isn't her shop so cute?! 

This past weekend, I finished Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. It was a cute, easy beach read. It wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it was a quick read that was light and fun--definitely different than what I read during the year! I would definitely recommend it for a weekend at the beach! 

The adorable Postgrad Prep awarded me the One Lovely Blog award, which was SO sweet of her!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated you, and link the blog back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire, and let them know of their honor

I feel like I've told y'all so many things about myself, so I hope I'm not repeating! Anyway, here are 7 things about me:

1. When I was 17, I broke one of my toes, and it never went back to normal! It's still a weird shape and hurts when it rains.

2. I never use nail polish at the salon--I always bring my own color!

3. I would LOVE to go to Santorini, Greece.

4. Two people I'd love to meet are former President and Mrs. Bush.

5. My dream luggage is vintage Louis Vuitton.

6. I would love to live in Charleston, SC one day.

7. I'm super OCD about my hair, and I'm always worried that my strands are somehow going to break. I have at least a 15 minute routine that I go through every day (even when I'm letting it air-dry), and I NEVER brush it from the roots down, always from the bottom up!
Thanks again, Postgrad Prep! I'm awarding this to all of my fabulous readers who want to participate!

Congrats to SDG of The Boarding School Prep, the winner of my be.designs monogrammed platter giveaway! Email me within 48 hours at misssouthernprep [@] gmail dot com to claim your platter! Thanks to all who entered! Don't you just love the platters? They are too cute! 
What have y'all been up to? Any exciting plans for the 4th? Have a wonderful day! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. Oh goodness. Everything is so pretty, especially that bold necklace!

  2. wow the earrings are amazing. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo


  3. I want to live in Charleston too! Those orange and red earrings are fab and only $14! WOW!

  4. Love those earrings! What are you reading next?

  5. Love the earrings! I have been thinking of reading Bergdorf Blondes...might have to just do it!

  6. I am loving all the fun jewelry! I just might have to get those earrings in coral!

  7. WOW! love the earrings and the necklace :) I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow my blog. I always comment back and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  8. Busy busy! Those earrings are so pretty! I've added Bergdorf Blondes to my summer reading list, which will be a re-read for me. I just love mindless reads...easy to get lost in and escape reality!

  9. I have never met someone else who has broken a toe! I broke three on one foot and hey have definitely never looked the same. I haven't read "Bergdorf Blondes" in forever - it may be time for a reread!


  10. Oh wow I love the bubble necklace, such fun colors too!

  11. Oh I LOVE your green earrings! That whole outfit sounds so cute :)

    -Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind


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