Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Southern Weddings

Two things I absolute adore are weddings and the South, so when the two combine, I love them even more! Recently I've become obsessed with plantation weddings. In my opinion, they're quintessentially southern, and there's nothing more perfect! If I were planning my very own plantation wedding, these are some of the necessities I would need:

The perfect plantation,

a bouquet of my favorite flowers, peonies, 

a gorgeous lace dress,

monogrammed glasses for cocktail hour, with my new last initial, of course,

a picture of my groom and I under the trees,

pink and white peonies everywhere, 

and a yummy red velvet cake for dessert.

Have you ever been to a plantation wedding? What's your dream wedding location? Have a great day! 

Miss Southern Prep
 Photos: Pinterest and my wedding folder


  1. Oh my goodness, this post has me ready to plan my wedding. Plantation weddings are perfection in my opinion. They are so gorgeous and so southern!

  2. that wedding dress is amazing, oh and I love Tory's house from yesterday!!

  3. Speaking of plantation weddings, Charleston is the absolute perfect location for one! I've seen many on all of my trips to Charleston! I love all of these wedding ideas..Monogram glasses are for sure a must!

  4. Gorgeous inspiration! I adore those monogrammed "H" glasses- my old initial :)

  5. Breathtaking pictures! I love the look of a southern wedding - so classy!

  6. Well doesn't this just make me want to have a wedding!! I love the idea of a plantation setting! Unfortunately I'm going to have to find something w the same southern feel closer to the city! My church is in the center of the city! Or... I hope my guests are up for the drive haha!

  7. okay. yah. that's like the perfect wedding. Now if only I could find a groom!

  8. I've never been to a plantation wedding but I've always dreamed of having one myself. Unfortunately living in the mid-west there aren't many plantations haha.
    I can tell by your inspiration you're going to have a gorgeous wedding.

  9. stop it. now I just want to run off and get married!

  10. Wonderful photos. I am lucky enough to be 'tying the knot' aboard the Mohican this summer in Lake George, NY.

  11. This is basically exactly how I'm planning my wedding! Love it!

  12. Ahh, a plantation wedding. Is this Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. Our family loves it there and plans to go this Christmas.



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