Friday, May 4, 2012

Hair Care

I know I've shared this before, but I have really long, thick, curly hair, and I have the hardest time finding hair products that I love. During the hot, humid months, I let my hair go curly, but during the fall, winter, and early spring, I straighten it most days. I thought I'd share some of my favorites and recent hair care finds with y'all! 

Hot Tools Curling Iron 

I know it's kind of weird, but I straighten my hair with a curling iron. I hate how flat a flat iron makes my roots, so I use a curling iron, which adds a lot more volume and makes my hair have more body. I have a Hot Tools curling iron in a 1 1/4' barrel, and it's perfect for loose curls or for making it straight! 

Olivia Garden Ceramic+Ion Brushes

I cannot tell y'all how much I love both of these Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion brushes! They're about $15 a piece, but SO worth it. The flat brush is amazing for hair drying, and I love the round brush for doing my bangs. 

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil 

I bought a mini bottle of this Organix oil at Ulta a few weeks ago, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about it! I blow dry my hair until it's damp, then rub about a quarter-sized dollop through the ends of my hair. It makes my hair smell amazing, controls the frizz, and makes it super-soft. 

John Frieda Root Booster

This John Frieda Root Booster really works! I usually use it on my roots when I'm putting my hair into a ponytail, but want it to be a little more voluminous. I love that it's really cheap, too! 


Wired is one of my go-to products for the spring and summer months. It keeps away the frizz, and makes my hair into perfect ringlets. I love it! 

John Frieda Luminous Glaze 

I bought this glaze at Ulta a few weeks ago and have been using it as a weekly treatment for little over a month. At first, I couldn't tell the difference in my hair, but each week, my hair has been getting shinier. The product also claims to make your hair softer, but I haven't noticed any extra softness. I was also surprised at how strong of a smell the product had--I could still smell it after washing and conditioning my hair. However, I'd definitely recommend this for the shine, if nothing else!

What's your number one go-to hair care product? Have you found any new products that you love? I'm always looking for suggestions, so I'd love to hear yours! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 

Miss Southern Prep 
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  1. GREAT items! I love moroccan oil and my curling iron!

  2. I just started using the JF Root Lift and love it. I think I will give some of the other products in the line a chance. Have a great weekend!

  3. I need ALL of the above today. I look like a hot hot mess from the neck up. :O

  4. Wow, great items. I've been looking for a good curling iron to tame my curls, I'll have to give this one a try.

  5. Great tips. I am always looking for good items for my long wavy hair too.

  6. I love this list!! I'm addicted to moroccan oil too! I have super thick and curly hair too and currently use a Chi flatiron to straighten my hair, but I think I'll have to try a curling iron on it. XO

  7. Nice! Now if only I could find something to do with my flat frizzy hair!

  8. JF Heat Protection serum and Aveda spray detangler are really good. Also the best way to curl your hair is to use a regular curling iron as a wand! My hair is very fine and never curled until I stared to do that and it now lasts forever!

  9. I see you have hair like mine. Its not even worth it to try and straighten it during the summer, lol. I tend to like straighter hair in the fall and winter as well... Great products!


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