Monday, April 30, 2012

Million Dollar Fashion

I know I've said this before, but I love watching real estate shows, so of course I've been loving Million Dollar Listing New York. Not only do I love looking at the amazingly pricey pads, but I've also fallen in love with Michael's fashion. His preppy wardrobe is full of pocket squares, suits, bow ties, and monograms. Too perfect if you ask me.

I think he's so precious, and I just love his style! Do any of y'all watch Million Dollar Listing New York? Do you love Michael's fashion as much as me? Have a fabulous day! 

Miss Southern Prep 
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  1. I love that show! :) I agree, Michael has great fashion sense! And he's such a nice guy! I'm obsessed with most shows on Bravo. :)

  2. Gahh, I love this show! Michael is my favorite fashion-wise (although I think he still has a lot to learn on the business side). Fredrik makes me want to pull my hair out. So rude! Glad I'm not the only MDLNY fan!

  3. I love that show too. The houses/apartments are crazy! Always fun to imagine living in my own penthouse in New York

  4. I haven't seen that show but I do love a well-dressed man! :)

  5. I don't watch this but I do love his choice of eye wear :)


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