Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vacation, all I ever wanted....

I think the warm weather is finally getting to my head. Right now, I can't concentrate on anything. All I can think about is hopping on a plane and heading somewhere tropical. Ideally, my plane would fly to....

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I'd relax and lay out on the beach,

while wearing this, 

and this, 

as I sip on a few margaritas, 

munch on chips and fresh guacamole, 

and catch-up on the news. 

Ahhh, if only....a girl can dream to get her through until summer, right? Is anyone else dying for a vacation right now? Hope you have a fabulous day, no matter where you are! 

Miss Southern Prep 

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  1. You and me both girl!! You just made me reallllly want a vacay!

  2. I am totally in your shoe right now. What I would give to go on vacation instead of studying and stressing out every day because of school.

    Love the tunic/coverup - where is it from?

  3. Ummm...can I come with you please???

  4. I completely agree! My goodness. These last weeks until school ends just seem to go on forever!

  5. ummm...
    Spring Break is a tease... I want SUMMER. But I won't have endless summer days this year, as I have to get a job "to understand the value of a hard earned dollar." Thanks, Dad.
    Oh well, I'll be lusting after your lenient days of summer!

  6. Where can I sign up?!? haha. Looks like a wonderful vacation.
    I'm adding that Victoria's secret bikini to my wish list.

  7. I seriously need a VACATION! Cabo sounds great.

  8. Gosh, a vacay would be amaaaazing right about now!! I'm with you on every detail!

  9. I love all of this! The beach in cabo looks amazing!

    Come enter my giveaway! :)

  10. I'm dying to go to Cabo!

  11. Preach IT! I can't agree with you any more!


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