Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Work it Out!

With warm weather and summer quickly approaching, it's time to up the workouts and get ready for bikini season! I've been trying to hit the gym most days, and I've also been trying to eat pretty healthily. Since I've been visiting the gym a lot, I thought I'd share some of my workout essentials with y'all!

Workout Time!
  • Hat and Sunglasses--If I'm running outside, these are a must! I'm pretty fair, so anything to keep the sun off of my face is essential! 
  • Headband--I have longer bangs, so I always pull my hair straight back into a ponytail and then put a headband on to keep my hair out of my face. 
  • Sunscreen--I always wear sunscreen, even if I'm only running for 20 minutes! 
  • Nike Shorts--Also known as Norts, these are the best! I'll only workout in Norts during the Spring, Summer, and early fall! They're SO comfortable. 
  • Camelbak--I love my Camelbak, and always take it with me to the gym. I know you're technically not suppose to drink anything flavored out of it, but I always add the Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light to the water in my Camelbak. As long as I wash it (and the mouth piece) at the end of the day, it's fine!
  • Champion Sports Bras--I love the sports bras at Target. They're cheap (only $17!!), and they come in tons of fun colors. My favorite right now is the neon pink!
  • iPod--I use to never use my iPod at the gym (weird, I know), but now I can't workout without it. I have different playlists for different types of workouts! 
  • T-shirts--I know some people workout in tighter fitting exercise tops, but I always workout in tshirts. 
  • Tennis Skirts--I love working out and playing tennis in Nike tennis skirts--they're the best! 
  • Magazines--If I'm on the treadmill or elliptical, I always read magazines. 
  • TLC Kashi Bars--These are perfect for an after-gym snack! My favorite flavor is peanut butter--YUM! 
What are some of your workout essentials? What's your favorite workout? Have a wonderful day! 

Miss Southern Prep 

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  1. Have you tried Luna Bars? I love the white chocolate macadamia! They are a great after-gym snack.

  2. I have recently started cycling and love nike's cropped spandex!

  3. I love (and use) SO MANY of those essentials that you use for a great workout. I really have come to love my heart rate monitor--it's so much fun seeing the calories burned when I run or bike outside, :)

  4. I love those shorts! Maybe I need to suck it up and get a pair for running this year. xo

  5. Great list! I frequently workout in a tennis skirt.

  6. Norts are the best. Seeing this post makes me want to go for a jog.

  7. Oh dear I def need some new workout gear after seeing this post - mine is more like lycra c.1995, old sorority t-shirt and 15 year old A&M sweater!!

  8. I saw someone else already recommended Luna Bars - YES!!! The "Nutz Over Chocolate" flavor is delicious!

  9. I love my nike shorts! I want them in every single color!

  10. Love this post-I just got back form the gym! Music is a must for me..can't work out without it!

  11. I love the look of that headband....where's it from?

  12. Well my "work out" is walking/running the dog or bike riding while he runs... But when I ran cross country, I lived in Norts (still do). And I carry my Camel Bak with me every day to class and around town. LOVE IT!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!