Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites

I hope y'all have had a wonderful week! Yay for Friday! This has been a long week for me (I've been sick), but I thought I'd share some of the things I've been loving lately with y'all! 

I LOVE these leggings! They're called Women's Active Pants by Warm Essentials by Cuddl Duds. My mom picked these up for me at Target a few weeks ago, and I've already picked up three new pairs! They're thermal, so they're extra warm, and they're so comfortable! 

I'm loving this new ring I picked up from Charming Charlie's over Christmas break. 

I stopped into J. Crew on Monday, and I'm loving this new shirt from their Spring line!

I bought these heels from Target on sale for $15 a couple of weeks ago, and I love them! The picture just doesn't do them justice--they're so cute!

I've been trying to drink more water, and I tried this Crystal Light a few weeks ago, and it's my absolute favorite! You must try it! 

What are you loving today? Happy Friday! 

Miss Southern Prep 

P.S. I was recently tagged by Confessions of a Southern Belle to complete a survey--thanks so much, Southern Belle! You can read my answers from the one I was tagged in last week here!


  1. I'm dying for everything J. Crew has planned for Spring. So adorable!

    Doux Rousse

  2. I love that J. Crew blouse! It looks great with the bright pants. I love Crystal Light. It makes drinking water easier.

  3. I love that ring! Charming charlies is the best! Happy Friday love!!

  4. Cute finds! I am going to be doing some cycling for fun next weekend and am need of some good full-length leggings that are warm. I'm picking these up from Target tonight!


  5. The black sweats look amazing! I miss target so much, we don't have one in the city:(

  6. Crystal light in Raspberry Ice is my summer staple, I love it! So refreshing... no calories doesn't hurt, does it?

  7. I am a sucker for some good athletic looking leggins! And I just LOVE that J.Crew top. So cute!

  8. Crystal light is one of my favorites! yumm

  9. Ooo I want to check out these leggings...I am just living in mine right now!

  10. We have a Charming Charlie's in Richmond, but I've never been..I need to check it out soon!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!