Monday, December 5, 2011

Surviving Finals Week

Can you believe that today begins the the first full week of December?! For me, that means it's finals week--yikes! I have one today, two tomorrow, one on Thursday, and my final one on Friday. If I can make it through tomorrow, I think I'll be fine. As I'm sure you'd all agree, finals week is super-stressful, and everyone is a bit more on edge than usual. To survive finals week, I rely on a few things that I just can't live without: 

My study spot in the library 

Goldfish, my favorite on-the-go snack 

InStyle for when I take "study breaks" 

Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes 

Michael Buble Music--right now I'm obsessed with my MB Holiday Pandora Station

My Lilly Thermal Mug for Coffee refills

My cozy bed that I miss oh, so much while I'm studying away in the library! 

What can't you live without during finals week? Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday! 

Miss Southern Prep 


  1. My finals are next week -- it's going to be a rough one this time around, for sure. Skinny Vanilla Lattes get me through too! Good luck, gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  2. Good luck with finals. They are never fun.

    Yum! We all need a good cup of Starbucks.

  3. Good luck with finals, think of how happy you will feel this weekend!!

  4. Good luck with finals!! Looks like you have all bases covered, though :)

  5. Yahhhh Finals Week :) I can't live without coffee, earplugs, a huge scarf (cause our library is SOOOOO COLD) and the promise of a lot of wine once finals are over!!!
    Good Luck Lady--you're going to be AMAZING. oxo

  6. Good luck I am right there with you. Luckily I dont have many exams this year.. just papers. I dont know which is worse though

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  7. Your library is beautiful! I wouldn't mind having to study in there! Good luck! :) My finals aren't till next week!

  8. My finals aren't til next week. I cannot live without coffee, sweatpants, a ponytail, and Ugg boots. I don't look cute pretty much the entire week, haha. Good luck! You're almost there :)

  9. I really want one of the Lilly thermal mugs! Good luck on your finals! Mine starts in two weeks!

  10. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog!! I hope your finals week goes really well and that you can rest and relax this weekend~love your "essentials" list - good advice for when I got to college!:D

    ~Rachel <3

  11. Gorgeous library! Where are you in school? Ours was gorgeous in the 70s... not so much anymore!

    Best of luck to you in your finals! Treat yourself to some yummy coffee and just think of all the free time you'll have once you're home! :)


  12. I am a goldfish addict! I can easily finish off a whole bag by myself ;)

  13. InStyle and Starbucks make any study break worthwhile! Good luck on finals!!

  14. Good luck, good luck, good luck!! Sending all my best "smarty" thoughts your way!

  15. GOOD LUCK! You will do great! And is it bad that I love all of those things even though I'm not in finals :)

    Good luck again! If you get a study break come and check out my stocking stuffer swap! XOXO

  16. Good luck with your final exams! I'm sure you will do great!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!