Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Gifts for $30 and Under!

I exchange gifts with about six or seven of my closest friends every Christmas, which can get a little pricey. I try to get each of them a different gift each year, but it's always hard to find cute, relatively inexpensive gifts for them. This year, I started looking early, and have found so many cute gifts for $30 or less, so I thought I'd share some ideas with y'all! 

Victoria's Secret Cable-knit Infinity Scarf--$19.99

Sephora Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette--$15

A cute dress from Forever 21--$24.80

1-year InStyle Magazine Subscription--$18

Marley Lilly Woven Gold and Fuschia Leather Cuff Bracelet--$19.99 

Clinique "Smoothie Kisses" Set--$28

Jonathan Adler iPhone Case--$28

J. Crew Satin Jewelry Roll--$22.50 

A 3-month Birchbox Subscription--$30 

Marley Lilly Scarf--$14.99

Monogrammed Large Tervis Tumblr--$25

What gifts do you like to give your friends for the holidays? Have a wonderful Monday!

Miss Southern Prep


  1. I love all the Marley Lilly gifts! My friends would love monogrammed stuff but they never know where to get it from!

    Also, giving anyone a Tervis tumblr starts an instant addiction. There's a Tervis for every hobby/interest/personality so its a pretty versatile gift :)

    Great choices!

    Have a good week~

  2. Wow, what great ideas! I particularly love the magazine subscription idea! My friends and I aren't able to exchange gifts this year, but we did do a 5 euro worth secret Santa, which resulted in some hilarious gifts. It's the thought, right?

  3. I have a very similar post like this for later this week, when you have lots of friends you want to give gifts to it can get very expensive!!

  4. Those are all such great ideas! I would love to receive any and all of them! :) I had never heard of Birchbox--so neat!

  5. I have the Sephora makeup kit and I adore it!! The iphone case and monogrammed goodies are so cute!! Great ideas!!!

    XOXO hHk

  6. Such great ideas. Thanks for the shopping inspiration!

  7. Great ideas! (& now I want some of that stuff for myself, haha!)

  8. I want that scarf and the bracelet! PLEASE!!! loving your blog! following you now!

  9. Great picks. I love the Marley Lilly scarf and the Sephora make up kit is too cute!

  10. The phone case is to cute. They are all wonderful ideas

  11. love this post! if you want we can follow each other, on Facebook, blogger, bloglovin or twitter, as you want! =)

    keep in touch

  12. Love love love the J.Crew jewelry roll and Marley Lilly bracelet!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!