Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wow, Baby!

One thing I absolutely love is interior design. I could literally look at decorating magazines or websites all day, every day. One of my family friends recently announced that she's pregnant, so of course I began looking for nursery inspiration images! I think nurseries are just so cute and precious, so I couldn't help but share some of the ones I love with y'all: 

I love the lattice pattern on the wall!

JLo's nursery is so over-the-top, but I love the chandelier!  

Precious for a little girl!

This nursery is so simple, yet elegant, which I love!

Baby Boys Nursery traditional kids

I love the nautical theme and the window seat!

Do you love interior design as much as me? Hope you have a fabulous day!

Miss Southern Prep


  1. I adore interior design, I can't stop looking for decor ideas. J.lo's nursery is lovely. I've fallen head over heels for the nautical themed room though.

  2. yes I love JLo's too, wonder what her budget was??

  3. All of those nurseries are too cute! I can't even imagine what JLo's budget was!

  4. The 3rd and the 5th are my favorite.

    I feel like the 5th is doable, but since I"m not J.Lo I will not allow my babies to have a chandlier!


  5. these are soo pretty! whenever I have a baby (hopefully not for a while!!) i'm going to go all out on the nursery!

  6. I've done one too many posts featuring nurseries haha! I just adore them, and for me I have to say the more dramatic the better!

  7. I do...and I am so proud of what I did with our nursery. There are pictures of it on my blog if you look for it in last october's postings. BTW super excited to potentially do something for your mom! xoxo

  8. These are all so pretty. It's unfortunate that the people living in them are all under the ages of 2, and that we all can't enjoy beautiful rooms like this!

  9. I definitely love interior design. These nurseries are way too precious. I have a feeling if I ever have a child it will take me forever to figure out what kind of nursery to do! xo

  10. Such amazing baby nurseries! TWO of my best friends just announced that they are preggers and so I have baby decorating on the mind too! I'm going to send them the link to your blog so they can check out these goodies too!

    Hope you had a great weekend! XOXO

  11. I'm totally with you- I love interior design! And nurseries are so much fun! I used to stalk the mailbox for when the Pottery Barn Kids catalog would come. It was my favorite thing to get in the mail!

  12. We are the same way--I have been dreaming up my future home since I was a little girl--that red gingham chair is fabulous!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!