Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giddy Up

During the fall, I love nothing more than a nice pair of riding boots. I am seriously addicted to riding boots. I think they're so classic, and look fabulous with almost anything! I have a pair of Frye riding boots, but I still can't help but lust over a few fabulous pairs:

Tory Burch Blaire Riding Boots

My other favorite--Frye Paige Riding Boots  

J. Crew Booker Boots 

Frye Melissa Logo Boots

Do you have riding boots? Which ones are your favorite? Hope you have a lovely fall day!

Miss Southern Prep

P.S. Thank you for all of your welcome back comments! I have seriously missed blogging so much--I am so very happy to be back!


  1. I´m such a huge fan of riding boots: they are seriously stylish, yet you don´t have to compromise on comfort. I really love the Tory Burch pair, it´s fabulous!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

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  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday! :) We're so glad you're back. PS - I am loving all of those boots, especially the J. Crew ones!

  3. I love my Fryes...they're pry my most favorite boots ever because they are so comfortable, and I can wear them forever. As far as my riding boots go--I buy Banana Republic almost every season, and they wear out just as fast. A pair that has lasted me forever--ones from target (no really)...My mom is obsessed with the Tory riding boots...but won't let me wear hers, or any of her super phenomnal heels, sigh.

  4. I love riding boots! They're such a classic look, you're right. So glad you are back to blogging :)

  5. Welcome back to the blogging world! WOOT WOOT! Also, I'm in love with the J.Crew boots, like I dream about that a bad thing?

  6. Hey, great to see you're back! I love that last pair of Frye boots, they're definitely going on my wishlist.

  7. I love all of these!! I have a pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots that work so well with everything! so glad again to have you back!

  8. love these, but i do like my boots to be shorter, calf length x

  9. Well Helllllooooo dear! Welcome back! Must have those TB's, love them!

  10. I am adoring the Tory Burch Riding boots they are gorgeous! And welcome back doll!


  11. I've had my eye on those Tory's for a long time - they're just so damn cute!

    ps: so glad I found your blog :) you've got a new reader here!


  12. I can't wait for it to drop down to the 60s so I can wear my riding boots!!! Eeek.

  13. I'm still hooked on my Justin's cowboy boots but if I had $500 i would be running to Saks to buy Tory riding boots oh my word I love them! Yay for regular posting again!!!


Thanks for the sweet comments, y'all!