Monday, May 23, 2011

Be our guest, be our guest!

One thing my parents always emphasized as I was growing up were proper table manners. I learned to properly set a table when I was in middle school, and my parents made me practice all of the time until I learned it by heart! One of the best diagrams I've ever seen was in Miss Manner's book of etiquette, which is my go-to book for all etiquette.

A formal table setting diagram

Another thing to keep in mind when dining out or at another person's home is using proper table manners. Some manners that are important to keep in mind are :

  1. It's always polite to bring the host/hostess a small gift to show your appreciation. Some great gifts would be a bottle of wine, a monogrammed candle, a cute wine stopper, a cheeseball with a fun spreader. Check out Pottery Barn for some great ideas, they have a whole section devoted to hostess gifts!

  2. NEVER speak with your mouth full, and always chew quietly--no slurping!

  3. Sit up straight.

  4. Once seated, place the napkin on your lap.

  5. When eating out, never order a meal more expensive than the person paying for the meal.

  6. Take small bites and eat at a leisurely pace.

  7. Always say please and thank you.

  8. Never reach across the table, rather politely ask the person closest to the food you want to pass it.

  9. Always excuse yourself before leaving the table.

  10. Compliment the cook.

  11. Always thank the host or hostess for their hospitality before leaving, and it's always nice to send them a thank you note!

Sometimes it's hard to remember all of the proper table etiquette, but having proper table manners always makes a great impression! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Yeah!
    This brings me joy.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. Love this! In a crazy and busy world, sometimes we tend forget about proper etiquette. Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. I am going to have to send this to my parents, this will get a kick out of it since I grew up with this and the idea of proper manners being their mantra. As an adult and mother I totally "get it" now but sure found it to be annoying then! I long to bring our crazy chaotic corrupt world to its knees and go back a little to a more genteel time where manners, dignity and respect really had an important place in the world!

  4. I just enrolled my son in cotillion for the fall, table etiquette is on his list of things to master!!

  5. Great tips! I think it's so important to not forget your manners! :) I just went to a friends rehearsal dinner and her husband's parents hosted it. It was one of the nicest rehearsal dinner's I've ever been to and I just feel like it's necessary to send them a thank you so I'm definitely going to! :)

  6. Love this! I'm sorry, were we separated at birth? :)

  7. I enjoyed this post so much! Proper manners are so important to me! Love the clip art as well!

  8. I love this post! Table manners are huge for me and i'm glad other people think they're important too!

  9. Manners were huge in my house too! I remember when I first went to school I was embarrassed because I automatically put my napkin in my lap, but none of my classmates did, haha! I do still need to work on my knowledge of formal place settings though!

  10. Love this! I think more people really need to learn proper manners!


  11. I love this post! What a great reminder of table etiquette. I always switch the fork and the knife :/ No matter how many times my mom tells me! haha

  12. I remember my mom teaching me how to set a formal table. I also was tested on it in middle school... home ec was my favorite class. I was just thinking the other day, it's sad they are doing away with those types of programs.

  13. So far I'm one of the few people I've ever seen to place the napkin in my lap, even at a casual restaurant where the napkins are paper, I still do it. And no elbows was always a big thing growing up. I think Table manners are something everyone should have, even in this day and age.

    Happy Monday,

  14. I think it's so important to learn etiquette as a child in order to become a well-mannered adult. Love this post!

  15. I have that book and I love it! Great post! xoxo

  16. Oh this sounds like great guidance for me! Never really learned how to set a table for a formal dinner!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  17. I so need to make a copy of that table setting! :)


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